Keisuke Tanaka 上忍 

I am a visualizer and retoucher based near Mt. Takao in Tokyo, Japan.
----- 卍
After gaining experience in a film-related design office, 
I joined CREATURE INC. from 2006 to 2014. I was able to get involved in a wide range of visual fields as a retoucher. 
In 2014, I founded BIRDFISH PICTURES LLC. and it has continued to this day.
Surrounded by nature in my office, I am training like a ninja every day in pursuit of new ideas and techniques. 
In this process, to my surprise, I have learned to communicate with birds as well:D 
My creativity is born in resonance with the breath of nature, and my visual work is the crystallization of that resonance.
My mission is to offer viewers inspiration and surprise by seeing the world from a new perspective. 
The insights gained through dialogue with birds and a sense of oneness with nature give my work a unique depth. 
Through the challenge of new adventures, I explore unknown possibilities and continually evolve in visual storytelling.
I walk my journey in the world of visual arts with creativity and passion.

Please send inquiries about my work or any other questions to

Tools: Photoshop, Illustrator, Blender, MagicaVoxel, Unreal Engine, Generative AI

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